Biochar for Poverty Alleviation


the production of biochar has numerous ways of providing livelihood for impoverished rural communities around the philippines

While biochar production and use have immense benefits for the environment by greatly reducing the world's carbon emmissions, they also can aid in Philippine poverty alleviation in a number of ways.

The use of biochar can restore and rehabilitate land that was once unsuitable for farming, providing communities around such lands the ability to engage in crop production.

Communities can also be involved in the actual production of biochar itself, supplying it to other communities or corporations that need it for their farming operations. Thus, biochar itself becomes a marketable product for rural communities to make a living out of.

Also, biochar can be used to create a number of products used for health benefits or household maintenance, providing even more opportunities for biochar-producing communities to make ongoing income. The slideshow below outlines some of the products that can be made using biochar.