Mine Rehabilitation

Pili Mined-out Area & Pilot Area for Biochar

Pili Mined-out Area & Pilot Area for Biochar


biochar can help in rehabilitating mining-affected lands

One of the biggest impacts mining has on lands is the loss of their ecological functions.  Abandoned or orphaned mines often make the lands surrounding them unsuitable for farming or agriculture. 

Biochar, with its properties as a soil conditioner, erosion reducer, and water filtration medium, has numerous ways of contributing to the rehabilitation and remediation of mining-affected lands, leading to these areas becoming productive once again.

One of the barriers to practical application of biochar in mining-affected land reclamation is the high cost of production. However, a system that would allow communities to network and produce biochar on a regular basis would not only lower the cost of biochar production, making its use feasible, such a system would also itself provide another form of livelihood to communities that have been affected by mining operations.