Why Biochar?


The use and production of biochar not only helps our environment, but this miraculous material has numerous applications that can also provide livelihood for various communities in the Philippines. Read on to find out more about how supporting biochar community enterprises can help both people and mother nature.

About biochar

Biochar is a special type of charcoal that is produced by pyrolysis or burning with minimal oxygen. This charring process traps the CO2 a plant absorbed from the atmosphere during its lifetime, keeping it from being released into the atmosphere. Biochar also has numerous agricultural and health benefits as well.

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biochar applications

There are numerous applications for biochar that can provide livelihood for rural communities all over the Philippines. Some of these applications include agriculture, livestock, filtration, and mine rehabilitation.

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Find out what new projects involving biochar are happening here in the Philippines and around the world.

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The Philippine Biochar Association is an association of biochar community enterprises that coordinate and network to provide community-based social enterprises utilizing biochar.

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